Welcome to the Metaverse

Welcome to the Metaverse

After a successful season 1, Arqualea is growing.

Season 2 will be a metaverse based on an Unreal Engine, with plenty of riddles and social networking, news, games, events, a marketplace, all in a sci-fi atmosphere.

Arqualea’s logic is the opposite of the Internet giants, who aspire to seize the metaverse concept. Instead of the giant, proprietary and commercial projects, we propose a unified and open vision, accessible to a large public. We want the Arqualea Metaverse to be a virtual space where fun and kindness reign supreme.

Learn more about our project on this site.

Our team has developed a new game to meet the requests of 11,000 registered players in the first six months of 2021.

The “Miren” project will ditch the web browser to use the Unreal engine’s features. It will offer adventures consisting of rather complex riddles that players will have to solve in order to move forward and obtain a higher rank in the Arqualea tracker community. These adventures will lead players to different worlds, with landscapes, sceneries, and creatures that will make you feel out of place.

But beyond the massively multiplayer game, the user will have a fully customizable avatar and house. The house will allow the player to host friends, chat with them, check their news feed, post publications, and interact with them (akin to a social network).

When not exploring worlds, players can relax at the leisure center and play a wide range of games.

Players can also wander around the marketplace to buy items that may not be necessary (but are so beautiful that they are essential) for their character or house. In a second time, this commercial area will be populated with “real” stores where it will be possible to buy a real pair of sneakers, an actual book, or to order an authentic meal because, as everyone knows:

Reality is the only place where you can have a decent meal. (James Halliday)

Finally, the player can also visit the Event Center for spectacular events.

The design of the “Miren” project is complete. Currently, the team is building Poke modules to test the main game mechanics. The development will start in early 2023 for a first beta version planned for summer 2022.