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Join Us

Do you also think that the metaverse is the future of the Internet? Welcome aboard!

Join !

Do you also think that a metaverse should not be considered a private property of rich American companies? Then join us!

We are in the advanced conceptualization phase. We are currently writing the “book” that will serve as a general specification for the project before it is broken down into stories.


The project is underway, but we will need financial partners to build an open and cooperative European metaverse with a global audience.

If you think you can support us or if you are interested in this project, do not hesitate to contact us at We will send you the Business Plan of the project.


We will soon move on to the execution phase. For this purpose, we need to hire staff.

At first, we will only recruit specialists who have enough time to work in the Club mode.

What is the Club Mode?

The Club is the whole group of people who participate in the creation of the project as founders. They do not invest money in the project, just time. At the request of the coordinator, they perform tasks that are part of the project (for example, a 3D object or character, a landscape on Unreal, a set of scripts or a C++ program on Unreal). They are not paid in exchange, but by being members of the Club, they own a share of the future revenues of the Metaverse. For further information about the organization, please have a look at the “Organization” section.

If you wish to apply, please answer the following questions via email at

Are you skilled in the following areas (for each area, please specify your level (Beginner, Advanced, Expert)

  • UNREAL (level design)
  • UNREAL (Blue Print)
  • UNREAL (C++)
  • 3D Modeling (Blender, Maya, 3DS)
  • 3D Animation (Blender, Maya, 3DS)
  • 2D Computer Graphics (Photoshop)

Do you have some free time to spend on Arqualea’s open and cooperative Metaverse project?

Do you understand the Club’s operating principle?

What languages do you speak fluently?

Don’t forget to include your contact information (name, surname, email) so we can get in touch with you.

See you soon on Arqualea!