A peek into Arqualea

A peek into Arqualea

As history has it, at the end of Milos Barzin’s first code hunt, the new codes were spread across Miren’s home galaxy. To help them, a Miren moon was colonized and renamed Arqualea. On this moon, a base has been built by Mirenians for the use of the Trackers.

After signing up, players must customize their avatar. Several characters are offered to them. They will be able to modify their characteristics. In the beginning, they will be dressed in a standard uniform provided by Miren, but they will be able to change their clothes as they want to,they so choose, depending on the clothes they get during their adventures.

Example of customization – source Unreal marketplace

The player will then enter the game either at the central square or directly in their house.

The central square is a common area where trackers can roam freely. They can either walk around and reach one of the main areas of the base or use the subway to move around more quickly. In the central square, players will be able to cross paths, interact with each other and discover animations, stands, or NPCs (non-player characters) that will give them information.

Subway – source Unreal marketplace

The house is a private location for the player. In the house, the player can consult their social network and the information they have published themselves, host friends, and chat with them via voice message. Most of the characters’ interaction modules will be available in the house (dances, acrobatics, facetiousness, expressions, etc…).

Example oh house – source Unreal marketplace

The player can go to the game center to unwind. Players will be able to access the center via the subway or on foot from the housing area. The leisure center will offer games that can be played at any time. At launch, the metaverse will offer games involving riddles that the “Miren” project teams have devised. As the Metaverse is open to the community, games can be submitted by Unreal developers and artists. To do so, they will have an API to access the different elements shared by the metaverse. The games offered to the metaverse will comply with rule 3 (The Metaverse must be welcoming). Non-sporting violent games will not be permitted on the metaverse(there are already many of them out there!).

Goloth – An Arqualea puzzle game

Trackers will be able to go to the astroport to join in the adventures (the main plot of the game) in order to find the codes to reactivate Miren’s shield. In these long-term quests, the player will face riddles. Solving these riddles will give them experience and let them climb the hierarchy of the trackers. They could also find clues for the riddles and earn mirenans (Miren’s money) and their avatar or house items.

A planet, somewhere … Source Unreal Market place

The marketplace will be open, but at first, it will be restricted to in-game items. The player can buy outfits and accessories there. In addition, there will be items for specific games in the leisure center.

Lastly, the Event Center will remain closed at first. When it opens, concerts, conferences, and events will be held there.