What is an I.C.O?

The I.C.O, Initial Coin Offering, is a project phase aimed at allowing the community to invest in a given project.

The principle is quite simple:

  • -The publisher issues a certain amount of tokens (for Arqualea, this will be the GMIN) on a trusted blockchain.
  • -For us, we chose Polygon.
  • -The company offers these tokens for sale (more precisely, for us, for exchange against other cryptos, a question of philosophy).
  • -Internet users use the “Arqualea Le Club” platform to place their orders for GMINs.
  • -They send the cryptos to the proposed addresses for the amount displayed. Then Alamosoft credits them with the number of GMINs ordered on their ERC20 addresses.
  • -GMINs are a proof of participation tracked by the blockchain. They grant the right to 25% of the benefits of the future Metavers we will build together. They also offer special benefits on the future Arqualea Metavers.
  • -The ICO is a mix between the participation to a project and the participative financing. But in order to respect the legislation, it does not issue shares or securities on the company. The GMIN are simply the tickets which attest the participation in the project and give the right to receive royalties on this project.

How many GMIN tokens will be issued on the project?

During the ICO in the fall of 2022, 1 million tokens will be offered for sale at approximately €10 per token.

Initial Build (storied described on this document) (10 000 blocks)1 000 000
V1 bug fixes, enhancements and events (v1.1 & V2) (blocks to be attributed)1 000 000
Servers, network and additional services (marketing, lawyers, financial : blocks to be attributed)   800 000
Alamosoft’s reserve1 000 000
ICO – Investors1 000 000
TOTAL5 000 000

What are the prerequisites to participate in the ICO?

You must have:

  • -An Arqualea account (or register for free)
  • -An ERC20 compatible crypto-currency wallet like Metamask
  • -Crypto-currencies to buy GMINs. At launch, we will accept Bitcoins, Ethereums and Polygon MATIC.
  • -No matter where your crypto-currencies are stored, most platforms allow transfer to one of our addresses.
  • -A complete tutorial is available on the website Le club.
  • -Understanding English

What happens if the ICO does not succeed?

We will not use the funds received as long as the ICO or the collaborative recruitment do not give us the necessary guarantees of a serene launch of the Arqualea Metavers. Consequently, if after a few months, we do not have the success we hope for in the adhesion of an active community around the project, we will reimburse the participants to the I.C.O. There will be no loser.

What guarantees do we have that the project is serious?

Transparency. Our company dates from 2017, it publishes its balance sheets, it has an address in France where the company’s managers are domiciled. It is subject to French law. Our business plan is available on the page “The Club”.