Metaverse was a largely unknown concept before Marc Zuckerberg, in July 2021, placed it at the center of all the attention. To get a better idea of what it is, there are two references to consider:

  • Second Life, a 3D cyber world created in 2003. It has lost a lot of its interest due to outdated graphics and lack of game content. Nevertheless, the basics of metaverse are there.
  • Ready Player One, a film directed by Steven Spielberg, depicts a futuristic world where the OASIS is used as a virtual refuge for a gloomy society. This metaverse’s control is coveted in this movie, particularly by a multinational company seeking to make it a highly commercial universe.

Our project is the exact opposite of this vision. We believe that the metaverse is the future of the Internet, but this is also why we cannot let this universe be in the hands of Big Tech. For us, the metaverse must be a shared asset, and we intend to construct it around ten rules.

Rule 1 – The chosen technology (Unreal engine) makes it possible to create a metaverse.

Rule 2 – The metaverse must be beautiful.

Rule 3 – The metaverse must be welcoming.

Rule 4 – The metaverse must be interesting and not boring.

Rule 5 – The metaverse has to be open. Artists, riddle and game designers are encouraged to submit their own creations.

Rule 6 – The metaverse must be free. It may include both paid and free items. Any contributor who offers paid material will have to add free items as well.

Rule 7 – The metaverse must respect the privacy of every player. Advertising targeting will be disabled by default and can only be activated at the player’s request. Furthermore, personal data will not be sold to third parties. Any possible marketing targeting will only be used to fine-tune the information provided to the player, if they so choose, and will only be used for that purpose.

Rule 8 – The metaverse will use its own currency. It will be convertible to real money only for merchants.

Rule 9 – The creation of the metaverse will be collaborative. The benefits of the metaverse will be shared among the creators and those who have contributed to it.

Rule 10 – The metaverse will use VR-compatible technology, but VR will not be required to play the game.