The Arqualea Metaverse will be based on a cooperative principle. Alamosoft, the developer, is responsible for the spirit, visual identity, and riddles’ content. For its execution, Alamosoft is supported by the Club, which brings together all the parties involved in this project.

The club is divided into 5 different units:

  • Developers (BP and C++)
  • Artists (3D, 2D, sound and music, …)
  • Content creators (Riddles, stories, initial French to English translations).
  • Other contributors (Testing, advice…)
  • Supporters (Financial support)

In each unit, a team coordinator is responsible for ensuring the coherence of information and actions between the developer and the units, but also among the units since they are expected to work in a highly coordinated manner.

The coordinator manages all the sub-projects under their supervision by writing stories (instructions) and assigning them. He is also responsible for ensuring that deadlines are met.

The distinctive feature of Arqualea’s Metaverse is that the members of the Club are directly interested in the profits generated by the Metaverse.